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Since 1990, every year east Forum promote in a two‐day international conference surface finishing and engineering by scientific and personals contacts of science and engineering from industry and academia. In this way, east Forum predominates the activities of east in order to contribute to integration, understanding and friendship between European people and individuals.


The east Forum is a platform for Europe‐wide promotion of awareness of environmentally friendly processes and saving of energy and raw materials in all steps of surface engineering, to devise best available technology processes and to influence European standards for waste treatment and disposal to become technologically acceptable.

Scientific priorities of the past conferences were (e.g.) surface technology in Europe, surface treatment of aluminum and other light metals, new materials and technology in surface finishing for better corrosion and tribology properties, electrochemical deposition of precious metals, modelling of electrochemical cells and processes, optimised electrodeposition for modern applications, pulse‐plating and microsystems, control of deposition processes, micro and nano deposition, and progress in functional and sustainable surface technology.

Several times east Forum took place as individual, singular conferences or together with other important international conferences, like Euro‐Interfinish 2003 in Praglia (Italy), Euro-Interfinish 2005 in Barcelona (Spain), Euro-Interfinish 2007 in Athens (Greece), Euro-Interfinish 2009 in Bremen (Germany), Euro-Interfinish 2011 in Milan (Italy), east Forum 2013 / Nanocoatings in Milano (Italy), east Forum 2021 / International Process Metallurgy IPM Symposium 2021 in Helsinki (Finland), and east forum 2022 / 10th Pulse Plating Seminar 2022 / 14th International Workshop on Electrodeposited Nanostructures (EDNANO 14) in Kraków (Poland).

Since 2018 east has also presented special east sessions at the Conferences on Surface Modification Technologies (SMT), like 2018 at the 32rd SMT in San Sebastian, Spain and 2019 at the 33rd SMT in Naples, Italy. Also special east sessions (special east forum) at World Interfinish Congresses 1992 in Sao Paulo (Brazil), 1996 in Birmingham (United Kingdom), 2000 in Garmisch Partenkirchen (Germany), 2005 in Chicago (USA), 2008 in Busan (South Korea), 2012 in Milano (Italy ), and 2016 in Beijing (China) were carried out successfully.

east has been a reliable partner and co-organizer of the European Pulse Plating Seminars for many years. Since 2008 every two years this conference is a platform for experts interested in the method of pulse plating technique or already using pulse plating processes.

east Forum 2024

The EAST Forum 2024 will be in connection with the 11th European Pulse Plating Seminar

on 7th -8th of March 2024

in Vienna Austria

Further information on the program, registration, etc.: https://www.pulseplating-seminar.at/ (conference webpage will be open with 31st of January 2024)


east forum review

15th International Workshops on Electrodeposited Nanostructures (EDNANO) / EAST Forum 2023

The annual conference of the European Academy of Surface Technology, EAST Forum, was integrated in the 15th International Workshop on Electrodeposited Nanostructures (EDNANO).

The annual conference of the European Academy of Surface Technology, EAST Forum, was integrated in the 15th International Workshop on Electrodeposited Nanostructures (EDNANO). The conference was held in Metz, France from 15-18 November 2023.


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Scientific discussions with Europe’s leading experts

Kraków Main Market Place @AGH

10. Pulse Plating Seminar 2022, east Forum 2022, and 14. International Workshop on Electrodeposited Nanostructures EDNANO 14

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IPMS 2021/east Forum 2021

east Forum 2021 was integrated in the International Process Metallurgy Symposium (IPMS2021), 9. - 10. November 2021, at Aalto University, Espoo Helsinki, Finland.

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east Forum 2020

5. - 6. march 2020 in Vienna, Austria

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east Forum 2019

Prof. Dr. Sudipta Roy as one of the main organizers ©east

26.-28. August 2019 in Glasgow, United Kingdom

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