Advanced Surface Technology

”A holistic view on the extensive and intertwined world of applied surface engineering”


Book: Advanced Surface Technology

It is truly a “textbook” in two volumes with more than 1250 pages covering practically all relevant techniques of surface treatments and modifications including more than 300 pages on surface characterization. The book is intended both as a universal teaching book for engineers and university students but also as a “bible” for those involved in applied surface treatment and engineers dealing with product development involving surfaces. It is used already at university level in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Belgium.

The book covers the entire product value chain from surface pretreatment, polishing, electroplating of various metals and alloys, thermal diffusion processes, conversion coatings, anodizing, thermal treatments, thermal spray techniques, vacuum-based processes (PVD, CVD), ion implantation, paint, enamel, corrosion and wear and an introduction to practically all relevant surface characterization techniques.

Table of Content

"It is truly a surface bible"
VOM, association for surface finishing techniques, Belgium

"The present two-volume set of Advanced Surface Technology is arguably the most comprehensive ever to be published in the field of surface finishing. Drs. Per Møller and Lars Pleth Nielsen have devoted years of effort to provide, in their words, ‘a holistic view on the extensive and intertwined world of applied surface engineering"
NASF, National Association for Surface Finishing, USA

"The books are clear and the schematic setting makes the reading very pleasant and interesting even for those who are simply looking for up-to-date information and data……  the English language is not an obstacle to understanding. It is clear and linear. This book should not miss among the technical manuals of those who are interested in surfaces and their property. It’s definitely a good tool for those who work in technical offices or produce finishes or treatments on metals, as well as offices and, of course, included in the reference manuals, of whom teaches at the University or in Master Class dedicated to surfaces."
Enzo Strazzi, Association for Aluminum Surface Treatment, Aital Oxit, Italy

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