Monev, Kaiser, Leisner, Paatsch, Arnold, Gabe, Puippe & Eilhoff @east

Monev, Kaiser, Leisner, Paatsch, Arnold, Gabe, Puippe & Eilhoff @east

Peter Leisner and Ali Fuat Cakir @east

EAST celebrated its 30 years anniversary on the 17th of October 2019 in the city of Schwäbisch Gmünd where it all started. The anniversary meeting was conducted as a scientific workshop and a celebration ceremony with invited guests followed by the annual east board meeting. The celebration ceremony was initiated by a presentation of the history of EAST given by David Gabe and Peter Leisner. Thereafter, the lord mayor of the City of Schwäbisch Gmünd, Mr. Richard Arnold expressed his gratitude and acknowledged the contribution of Ali Fuat Cakir, Klaus Eilhoff, David Gabe, Hasso Kaiser, Milko Monev, Wolfgang Schuster (in absentia), Wolfgang Paatsch, and Jean-Claude Puippe in the establishment of EAST.

At the 30 years anniversary celebration it can be concluded that EAST has developed in parallel with the challenges of Europe. EAST has built bridges between European scientists independently of the prevailing political order, and between generations and genders, which makes EAST a modern and relevant organisation ready to meet future challenges.

At the following annual board meeting of EAST it was decided to establish the Schwäbisch Gmünd Scientific Exchange Grant. The purpose is to encourage European cooperation by supporting exchange among European research groups working in the area of surface technology by granting short term exchange for performing specific research or teaching activities. For more information see scientific exchange grant.